Secretary of State Ken Bennett Enters Race for Arizona Governor

From three different venues across Arizona, Secretary of State Ken Bennett will formally announce his entrance into the race for Arizona Governor.

The first announcement took place in Tucson’s El Presidio Park at 9:00 AM and will be followed by an announcement at the Vig Downtown in Phoenix at 1:00 PM. The final press conference of the day will be on the steps of the Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott at 4:30 pm, the city where Bennett grew up and where he began his career in public service.

Regarding his entry into the race, Bennett said, “I’m running for governor because I was raised to help people. I entered public service in 1985 because I wanted to actively take a role in making Arizona a better place to live and work. My time in public service began back in 1985 and since that day, I’ve served on the Prescott City Council, education task forces, the Arizona State Board of Education, in the Arizona State Senate where I served as Senate President, and most recently as Arizona Secretary of State. I want to see Arizona thrive. I think a strong, growing economy is the best chance we have of ensuring that the next generation has a better quality of life than their parents and grandparents.

“We have great assets here that attracts people to Arizona – beautiful weather, majestic surroundings and friendly people. We can provide the type of environment that will attract new business and retain those already here by addressing tax and regulatory policies to eliminate bureaucratic red tape. The other side of that coin is our workforce, which we can address by improving our education system to best enable our students to meet the needs of businesses, not only helping to attract new business, but also keeping our young Arizonans here instead of being forced to seek employment elsewhere.

“I look forward to the coming months ahead as I spread my message of opportunity and optimism with Arizona voters.”